Acrostic: What Teachers Do

May 19, 2011 - Posted by Teacher Cindy at 3:39 PM

While I was thinking what could be the next article to post, I decided to come up with an acrostic. Definitely, this is about the teacher's job and how a teacher has helped everyone to become responsible and productive human being. Just try to imagine a nation without a teacher, or should I ask "can you imagine it?" ^_^ Doing so, is like imagining the world without you! If you were not born, you would not experience the wonderful life that you have now.

Here is my composition:
T – eaches us how to live life,
E – nlighten our roads for a better future
A – ffects our lives infinitely,
C – are for us like our parents do,
H – ugs us when we are upset,
E – ncourages us to pursue our dreams; and
R – ocks our world!

That is what our teachers do! They truly make our lives more interesting. They help us come out of our shells. They motivate us to strive and discover ourselves from within. 

A Song For You, Teacher

May 4, 2011 - Posted by Teacher Cindy at 4:49 PM
In this post, I would like to share a song dedicated to all the teachers out there. This song was shared to us by our professor during my fourth year in college. The song speaks about the life of being a teacher. I hope after reading this post, you would be able to appreciate the teachers you have, despite of their shortcomings. Here it is:

(Music and Lyrics: Dioscoro B. Vicentino, DECS XI, Davao City)
I'm a teacher, a purveyor of truth and light
I'm a teacher, I was born to improve mankind;
It's my duty to enlighten the world
And guide the young to the path of the lord.

I'm a teacher, I must teach what is good and right
I'm a teacher, I must live what I preach in life;
As a model citizen of the world
I must, in thoughts, words and deeds, be so good.

In the children I write the future
In their learning I find great joy;
I may never sit on a throne
But I'm contented, my life is full.

Yes, I'm a teacher, I must brave all the roaring waves
And the fury of the rivers and windy seas;
I must climb on up the mountains and hills
Where children there wait for my love and care.

In a mountain or in a city
On an island where I may be
I shall keep on bringing the light
and live as teacher forevermore.

I'll live as teacher forevermore.

Teacher Cindy

April 26, 2011 - Posted by Teacher Cindy at 11:27 PM
Back in the old days, my playmates and I used to dramatize a classroom setting in which I used to be a teacher. During those times, I never thought that it would come to reality. I never thought that teaching children would become my hobby, well actually it is more than that.

Right after I finished my teaching course, I applied as a tutor in one of the best tutorial center in town, (a good friend of mine invited me to apply there). When i got hired, I felt pleasure not pressure. I was pleased because my boss entrusted me the responsibility in helping the children coping with their studies. Well, I know that you know how it feels to be trusted.

Now, I have been working as a tutor for two years. I have been enjoying teaching children with different needs i.e. reading, writing and counting. I have been dealing with fast and slow learners. Even though it is just a micro-teaching, still I can feel that I have been a teacher in my own simple ways. Nothing compares to the feeling as being a part of a growing individual. It is great, indeed!

In my blog, I would like to share some learnings and experiences while enjoying the work of my heart - teaching.

Until next time. Good day bloggers.