Teacher Cindy

April 26, 2011 - Posted by Teacher Cindy at 11:27 PM
Back in the old days, my playmates and I used to dramatize a classroom setting in which I used to be a teacher. During those times, I never thought that it would come to reality. I never thought that teaching children would become my hobby, well actually it is more than that.

Right after I finished my teaching course, I applied as a tutor in one of the best tutorial center in town, (a good friend of mine invited me to apply there). When i got hired, I felt pleasure not pressure. I was pleased because my boss entrusted me the responsibility in helping the children coping with their studies. Well, I know that you know how it feels to be trusted.

Now, I have been working as a tutor for two years. I have been enjoying teaching children with different needs i.e. reading, writing and counting. I have been dealing with fast and slow learners. Even though it is just a micro-teaching, still I can feel that I have been a teacher in my own simple ways. Nothing compares to the feeling as being a part of a growing individual. It is great, indeed!

In my blog, I would like to share some learnings and experiences while enjoying the work of my heart - teaching.

Until next time. Good day bloggers.